Dog Boarding Service

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The perfect alternative to kennels!

Group walks

Our daily dog walking service is for those of our clients that are unable to walk their dogs in the afternoon. Hastings Hounds provides an invigorating and stimulating walk for 1 hour in small friendly groups of 4. We go on beach and forest rambles and then returning your pooch tired and happy after their adventure. We like to keep our walks varied and explore different parks, beaches and Woodlands daily. We can often be seen at the Hastings Country Park, St Helens Woods, Alexandra Park in St Leonards On Sea, Pett Level Beach and Hastings & St Leonards beach front.

1 to 1 solo walks

Our 1 to 1 walk is the perfect solution for those dogs that perhaps would prefer to not be on group walks with other dogs. It may be they are nervous around others or can be reactive at times and so a more bespoke service is required. With positive interaction, fun training tasks and our professional experience we will keep your dog focused and safe on their walks.

We offer a 60 minute solo walk in St Leonards on Sea, Hastings, Fairlight, Pett, Winchelsea & Guestling.

Senior Strolls

So often our seniors get over looked – we must not forget about them!

Even though our seniors are getting on in years they still really enjoy a lovely slow walk pottering around, enjoying new smells and meeting people and other dogs but they are not able to keep up such a fast or prolonged pace anymore.

This is provided as a solo walk or with another compatible senior dog for company and is for 30 minutes

We offer our Senior Dog Stroll service in St Leonards on Sea, Hastings, Fairlight, Pett, Winchelsea & Guestling.

Post Op Pop In & Walk

Hastings Hounds offers a postoperative pop in service to your best friend if you are not able to be with them during the day or have other commitments whilst they are recovering fron illness or an operation. Our Post Op Pop In consists of any clean up involved, any administering of food , water or medication and let outs or short lead walks if and when allowed. Giving your dog some company and care and attention when they are post op or feeling unwell will aid them to a more speedy recovery allowing you to get on with your day and other commitments stress and worry free!

Our Post Op Pop in Service is 30 mins long and is available in St Leonards on Sea, Hastings, Fairlight, Pett, Winchelsea & Guestling.


Puppy Visits & Let outs
Our Puppy visiting service is a must have if you have a new addition to your family that is not able to go out and mix with other dogs yet and you have to go to work or go out for the day. This service is also a great opportunity for us to get to know puppy making the transition over to small group walks easy and stress free for your little one. Each visit is 30 mins long and includes any clean up that may be needed: let outs, feeds and of course fun games and cuddles.
We offer our Puppy Visiting Service in St Leonards on Sea, Hastings, Fairlight, Pett, Winchelsea & Guestling.
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