Is there a doggy daycare near me in Hastings?

October 14, 2020
How Doggy Daycare can benefit your Dog

Yes there is!

















Bed and Bone Boarding & Doggy Daycare can be a great addition to both you and your dog’s life.





Whether you work from home, take your pup to work, or are out of the house for long hours, there are definite benefits to be reaped from booking your dog in for daycare. The relationship your dog will form with their carer means that you can rest easy whenever you need a helping hand, or you can’t be there.





Not only that but the stimulation, socialisation, and opportunity to build confidence are all excellent advantages of a doggy daycare.









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How much time should my dog spend alone?





We know that most dogs don’t relish time alone; they’re not built for it really.





As companion animals, they crave to be with others. Time at Doggy Daycare is a fantastic solution to ensuring that your dog does not spend too much time on their todd. It’s a perfect relief for humans struggling with balancing a busy life and the guilt of dog parenthood.





Your dog will be far better able to cope with time alone after a day of fun and activity. This is a genuinely huge benefit of daycare; their needs are totally taken care of, leaving you to crack on with adulting.









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What does my dog do at daycare?





We pride ourselves on holistic care that meets all of your dog’s needs, that’s their mental, physical, social, and rest requirements. A home from home doggy daycare means that we provide an environment where your dog will play, have human fuss and attention, go on amazing walks, and they will sleep! 





Sleep is an often overlooked but super important factor for your dog. It’s when your dog will process everything they’ve learned and experienced. Adequate rest can do wonders for a dog’s well-being once they’ve enjoyed some exercise, attention, playtime and brain games!









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Is daycare a good way to socialise my dog?





It’s important for a dog’s mental wellbeing and their confidence to socialise with people, other dogs, and new places. Socialisation is so much more than just a rough and tumble with some other hounds; it’s experiences and exposure to the world.





Daycare with Bed and Bone Boarding & Doggy Daycare can allow your dog to explore and build their confidence in a safe and nurturing environment with caring humans and content dogs at their side. The confidence that your dog will develop in a positive daycare environment is a tremendous advantage.





Conclusion: Is Doggy Daycare worth it?





Having someone you and your dog know and trust when you need is absolutely invaluable.





Knowing you have someone just a call away who knows your dog, loves your dog, and vice versa is a peace of mind that is worth everything.





Even if you feel that you don’t need doggy daycare, the benefits of attending just once a week, both long and short term, are just blooming marvelous.





Not that we’re biased, of course. 😉 





If you are local to Hastings and need doggy daycare or home dog boarding then just visit Bed & Bone Dog Boarding and Doggy Daycare.  

















How Dog Daycare can benefit your Dog



By Hastings Hounds

We are a family run and owned dog walking, boarding and pet care service on the East Sussex coast. Based in Fairlight, Hastings we offer fantastic beach and countryside dog walks and doggy daycare.

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